Model: F113
Silicone coated fiberglass fabrics---260


Descriptions: They are constructed from a fiberglass base cloth and coated both sides with a specially compounded iron oxide red silicone rubber. They features excellent electrical insulation, heat insulation and chemical corrosion resistance.

TF1041R TF1081R
Weight 15.7oz (530g/m2) 32oz (1080g/2)
Thickness 0.016" (0.4mm) 0.032" (0.8mm)
Width 40ft, 60ft (1m,1.5m) 40ft, 60ft (1m,1.5m)
Color Gray Red
Working temperature 260 260
Applications: --Serve as a welding blanket, foundry splash protection --Conveyor belt and expansion joints. --Electrical insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, packing material,

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