Model: F111
Fiberglass welding blankets---550°C


Aiflon welding blanket is made of fiberglass fabric. It is an ideal replacement for asbestos product used for thermal insulation and heat protection. It will not burn, rot, mildew or deteriorate and resist most acids. It is suitable for temperature up to 550oC. Welding blankets are designed to help protect employees from welding hazards.
Various treatments are available such as graphite coating, vermiculite coating and heat treatment. With these treatments, the welding blankets give higher temperature resistance, reduce the tendency for molten metal to penetrate the cloth and improve abrasion. Blanket with different size and thickness can be custom fabricated to meet customers¡ˉ specific requirements.
Light duty welding blankets: 12.7oz, 18oz
Medium duty welding blanket: 20oz, 24oz, 32oz
Heavy duty welding blanket: 36oz, 52oz
Size: 3x3ft, 4x4ft, 5x5ft, 6x6ft, 6x8ft, 6x10ft
Size: 1mx1m, 1.2mx1.2m, 1.8mx1.2m, 1.8mx1.8m
From safety blankets to protect equipment and personnel near welding operations, to hand and sleeve protectors to protect your employees while welding, can help improve the safety of your welding operation.

Neoprene coating black color Silicone rubber coating grey color Neoprene coating golden color
Silicone rubber coating red color Fiberglass plain cloth Al foil laminated fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass fabric roll goods Fiberglass welding blankets

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