Model: F108
Fiberglass tadpole tapes---550°C


Tadpole tapes custom manufactured to a variety of  configurations to meet varied service conditions. Manufactured by taking high temperature core material and fabricating a high temperature fiberglass cover over the core material, forming a bulb for sealing and a tail for fastening or clamping into position. Service rating to 550°C.
Standard product supplied with fiberglass core material. They are resilient, non absorbent gasket tapes formed by wrapping heat resistant cores with specially treated cover materials. Edges are stitched or cemented together forming the tail structure. Tadpole tapes provide effective sealing on light metal flanges or where limited bolting force is available. Because of their softness and conformability they are especially suited for applications where closures rest on the packing bulb.

Optional Features

Wire mesh core
Resilient under pressure, springs back upon load release
Silicone rubber coating
Low coefficient of friction, Excellent chemical resistance
Graphite coating
More abrasion resistant than natural white. Graphite coating is permanent at high temperatures
--Boiler Doors, Dust Collectors, Pollution Control Equip
--Brick Manufacturing (Kiln car to Kiln car seal)
tadpole tapes--Industrial Ovens, Industrial Furnaces

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