Spiral wound gasket Aiflon spiral wound gasket (SWG) consists of a thin metallic strip and soft non-metallic filler that are simultaneously wound on a rotating mandrel. the metal hoop is pre-formed with a V or W shaped profile,which allows the gasket to act as a spring between the flanges. Further,the hoop provides the basic structural element for the gasket while the non-metal filler material seals small imperfections on the flange surfaces. depend on its excellent compression resilient, it¡ˉs suitable for sealing spots where the alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent,such as pipes,valve,pumps etc.they are available in all standard the flanges of sizes,e.g.ANSI,API,DIN,JIS,JPI,BS etc.

Style Construction Flange Hoop material Filler Inner & outer material Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Material Code V W
6000 Basic type Tongue and Groove 304(L),316(L) 321 Ta Nickel Mon400 Inconel etc. Asbestos Graphite PTFE Mica Ceramic ASB FG PTFE MICA CER Carbon steel 304(L) 321 316(L) Ta Nickel,Mon400 Inconel etc. 16~3000 3.2 4.5 6.5 4.8 5.5 7.5
6000 IR With inner ring Male and Female
6000 OR With outer ring Raised face Flat face
6000 IOR With inner, outer ring
6000 H For heat exchanger Heat exchanger

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