How to choose spiral wound gasket


How to choose spiral wound gasket?

Metal spiral wound gasket, sealing is an important component, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries, is currently China’s pressure piping, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment of the key components static seal . So, the selection and use of high-quality metal spiral wound gasket products in order to reduce and stop running, take, drop, leak, ensure the host equipment, safety, pressure pipeline running normally of great significance. How to choose metal spiral wound gasket do?

First, buy metal spiral wound gasket products should pay attention to the following points:

1.according to working conditions, flange gasket sealing surface type selection.

2.selection of quality management system is sound and effective operation of the production company’s products, the best choice to hold special equipment (pressure piping components) manufacturing license and valid type test report of the enterprise.

3.gasket sealing the main impact on the performance of the surface does not allow wounds, gaps, uneven and full of rusty spot defects. With the main non-metallic gasket surface should be uniform, the appropriate higher metal band, interlayer texture should be clear, but not exposed metal belt. Metal spiral wound gasket pad spacing should be uniform, there should be no defects such as fusion or melting off. Strengthen the ring surface, there should be no glitches, rugged, stain and other defects, the main body of the upper and lower gasket sealing surface with the strengthening of the upper and lower surface of the ring spacing should be strengthened within the same ring and the gasket should be tightly fixed between the main body can not be loose; outside the strengthening of Central and gasket should be maintained between the main body can be properly positioned loose.

4.compression rate, resilience and sealing gasket performance is an important performance indicators, in general, to meet the requirements under the premise of compression ratio, the higher the better resilience; and resilience to meet the requirements of the standard premise, the compression ratio test value is also bigger is better. Should choose a good sealing performance, a moderate compression ratio and the resilience of products as large as possible.

Second, installation of metal spiral wound gaskets should pay attention to the following points:

1.double-check before installation flange, bolts, nuts and gaskets quality, carefully check the flange or interface installation scenarios, with or without partial mouth, the wrong mouth, opens his mouth the wrong holes and other defects.

2.flange or the sealing parts of the surface to be cleaned, gasket surfaces and bolt, screw on the adhesion of mechanical impurities are not allowed.

3.gasket can not hold partial, should ensure that uniform pressure.

4.force should be evenly tighten nuts, bolts should be evenly symmetrically sub 2 ~ 3 times tightened, so that uniform gasket compression.

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